Best Mac Apps For Productivity

best mac apps for productivity

Best Mac Apps For Productivity

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Have no time? Having trouble figuring out how to start your Star Wars fansite? Here’s a hint: use a coupon: But if you really want to streamline your work flow, then there are a few Mac Apps that will simplify your life, protect your confidential information (i.e. give you peace of mind), and capture your thoughts for future projects. If you implement even 80% of this list, you’ll have all the time in … Read the rest

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What eCommerce Platforms and Promo Codes Have in Common

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The Three Categories of E-commerce Platforms and How to Choose One for Your Business

When you start an online business, there are many decisions to make, the most important one which is your e-commerce platform. This is the backend of your entire operation, the technology that your customers have to interact with for every single sale.

There are dozens of viable e-commerce platforms to pick from. They cover every niche, price point, and level of … Read the rest

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Great Mac Apps For File Management

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Automating projects can be a great way to free up time. Our website is set up for automatic renewal using services like this one: It means we can focus on creating useful content for you!

If you own a Mac computer from Apple, and you want to automate some actions that you do on an everyday basis, but you’re not a programmer, there’s a free application on your computer named Automator that may be … Read the rest

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Best Apps for Monitoring CPU Usage on a Mac

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Macs are known for their impressive, out of the box performance. However, at times, after continuous use, even they turn a bit sluggish and lose their original speed. On most occasions, the factors responsible for this drop in performance are extremely difficult to identify. However, once identified (i.e. if you manage to find out what has actually gone wrong), most of them can be managed seamlessly. This is where having the CPU monitoring apps ready … Read the rest

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New Updates

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Updated Hot Plan, Changes Meter and Rotate Files (2014-10-28)

The final versions of Hot Plan, Changes Meter and Rotate Files, with support for OS X Yosemite, have been released.
There will be no more development on these apps, but while Rotate Files is really feature complete and needs no further development, Hot Plan and Changes Meter will be replaced by completely new apps, rewritten and redesigned from scratch, currently under early development.
As it will … Read the rest