Hot Plan


Hot Plan is a multi-purpose personal planning tool designed to help you collect and manage your thoughts, ideas, projects and also your bookmarks, links and text clips.

Moreover it offers simple and effective methods to set target dates and receive notifications so as to not forget anything anymore!

Plans and Actions

Hot Plan is built on the concept of plans and actions.

Plans are designed to organize and classify your actions and track statistics about their completion status. Never get lost again!

Actions are the central element of Hot Plan. They store all the information you work with, such as the title, completion level, target date, priority, associated tags, notification actions or notes.
Powerful and simple to use, the ideal solution to organize your life.

Edit Actions

You can easily edit all fields associated with an action, including files, URLs or email addresses from the Address Book, moreover you can also setup notifications.
You can either edit every field inline inside the plan table or by using the more extensive side pane.

Keep all the data you need together, saving precious time when you need to access them.

Set a target date on an action and Hot Plan will warn you when it expires (and much more…).
Never forget to do something again!

Sync with iCal

Just select a checkbox and an event corresponding to your action will be created in iCal and kept in sync whatever change you make either in Hot Plan or in iCal.

Quickly Create New Actions

You can also easily create new actions with the Quick Entry Window by writing simple English sentences like ‘Prepare shopping list next friday priority 1 label do it tag shopping,important’.
Easy, intuitive and fast!


When an action expires Hot Plan can either show its own notification window or send a notification to Growl. In both cases a simple click on the highlighted action will show it in Hot Plan immediately.

Email Plans

Send plans to an email address directly from within Hot Plan, the easiest way to share your projects with your friends and co-workers.

Calendar View

A bird’s eye view of a full month worth of actions with days containing expiring actions highlighted for easy reference.
Click on a day and see all the actions associated with that day.

Rich notes

Every action has an associated note field you can freely edit and which supports a full set of editing tools including multiple fonts, style and colors, lists, tables and links.
You can also import and export notes as needed, preserving all information you have created.