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If you own a Mac computer from Apple, and you want to automate some actions that you do on an everyday basis, but you’re not a programmer, there’s a free application on your computer named Automator that may be just what you need. The Mac Automator has grown into a powerful tool over the last few years, and here’s a quick look at how you can create your Mac apps with the Automator.

A Simple Mac App – Open Common URLs

As a quick example, let’s say the first thing you do every morning is you start your browser, and you look at the news on your favorite three websites. Rather than open your browser, create three tabs, and type in your URLs, you can let the Automator do this work for you. With the Automator, you can create your “workflows,” and once you’ve created a workflow you like, you can even save it as a Mac application.

Automatic Icon - Mac Apps
(In this article I won’t show you how to create a workflow that creates three tabs — that takes a little longer to explain, but I will show you how to open your desired URLs in new Safari windows.)

To get started creating your new Automator workflow, click the Applications icon in the Mac Dock, then click the Automator icon. When the Automator starts, click the “Custom” icon.

Above the second column on the left side of the Automator window, you’ll see a search field. In that field type the word “Safari,” and press [Enter]. That limits the actions in that column to only actions that relate to Safari, which is what we want.

Next, click the “Get Specified URLs” action, and drag it to the open area on the right side of the Automate window. After you do this, type in the URLs of the websites you want to be opened automatically. The first URL defaults to Apple‘s website, but you can change it to whatever you’d like, then add your other URLs using the Add button. (If you have a problem entering text, make sure you double-click on the actual words in the text fields, it’s a little picky.)

When you’ve finished that, go back to that second column and drag the “New Safari Documents” action to the open area on the right side of the Automator, and drop it in the open area below the “Get Specified URLs” box. When you do this, the Automator will try to show you that the data from the first box will magically feed into the second box. That is, the URLs in the first box will be used as input to the “New Safari Documents” action.

To test your workflow, press the Run button at the top-right of the Automator window. This should launch Safari and open the three URLs you entered.

Saving Your Workflow

Now that you have a “workflow” that works guesses what? What you’ve done is you’ve just created a new computer program. You can now save this program as a new workflow, or as a Mac application. (That’s right, you can save your program as a Mac application — you’re a programmer.)

To do this, click the File menu, then click the Save As menu item. Name your file anything you’d like, save it wherever you’d like, but be sure to change the File Format to “Application” before pressing the Save button.

Usually, we get pissed off when your Mac device is running slow. It happens in the cases when your device gets old or some virus has entered in your iOS operating system. Any operating system slows down after a certain period. That is the time when your role starts on. In minor issues, we can it is easy to boost up the performance of your Mac device on your own but if there are some serious issues have come in your system, then there is always a need for Mac professionals. You may get easy and reliable services of Mac Repairs In Kingston. Here are some of the quick and easy tips to bump up the performance of your Mac operating system.

Close the functioning of unwanted apps

If you see a group of unwanted programs running all together with the wanted ones, then you must notice that the memory and CPU space being unnecessary devoted to them. Shut down all and you can install software such as iPro to manage the working of your app performance.

Regular software updates

The apps in your Mac device needs to regularly updated. Therefore, make sure that you do the software update for Mac OSX and all the other apps installed. The non-free installed apps need to get updated separately. You may download and app named “App fresh” that can provide aid to keep track of all your software and checks if there are any updates available.

Give some space to your Mac hard disk

To free up some space, you may start with cleaning up the trash in the dock and go to your user folder and get rid of the copied items. Next step is to emptying the downloads folder in your Mac, the items that are not likely to be in need.

The software that is unique to PC and Mac is another factor that graphic designers should consider when purchasing a machine to work on. All of the major applications, including the Adobe Creative Suite, are developed for both platforms. But, because Mac is more design focused, programs specifically made for the purpose of design have emerged and are exclusive only to those who use Macs. Some of the best professional apps are unique only to Macs. Apps such as best pro apps are tailored for it like TextMate, BBEdit, Final Cut Pro, Reason, etc. In saying that though, if your work is focused in a particular faculty of graphic design, such as 3-D animation or game design, the programs available for PC are quite outstanding, especially considering the PC reputation as being a gamer’s computer.

There are other smaller details that make Macs more usable than PCs. Shortcuts, easy and obvious function buttons make using a Mac considerably less time consuming and frustrating than a PC, though there are those that argue that these characteristics of the Mac detract from the traditional computer experience. Macs have also been reported as being significantly more reliable that PCs. They crash far less than PC’s and experience fewer screen freezes. Regarding how this relates to the work of a graphic designer, having faster and more consistently reliable machines means that you can remain confident that your work isn’t going to be lost or your workflow isn’t going to be constantly disrupted. As a graphic designer, you often find yourself working with delicate and tedious scopes of work. Precision when working is a fundamental part of being a successful graphic designer, so having a machine that can accommodate to that is of particular importance.