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Have no time? Having trouble figuring out how to start your Star Wars fan-site? Here’s a hint: use a coupon code: and other domain resources. But if you really want to streamline your work flow, then there are a few Mac Apps that will simplify your life, protect your confidential information (i.e. give you peace of mind), and capture your thoughts for future projects. If you implement even 80% of this list, you’ll have all the time in the world to build your own Jyn Erso fansite.

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Though OS X 10.11 el Capitan leaves little to be desired in terms of features, but adding a few applications as utilities can boost up the platform to a never before extent. Many are free and the other few cost the users some money but the applications are incomparable . Surfing through the Apple App Store, the user can find any form of apps to suit his his needs. And some of the those apps can be used to scrap routine work and concentrate on the real task at hand. With the right tools one can easily avoid getting distracted. Lets us take a looks at applications that really deliver on their promises and the cut short the distractions.


Nowadays every site such streaming, social networking, educational websites etc, require their own registrations. For security concerns one normally avoids using the same passwords everywhere. Thus it gets immensely tiring for one to remember all the passwords and in proper arrangement. Forgetting the password of an important website needs the user to recover his password. The whole process usually is very frustrating and eats up a lot of time.

Luckily Apple’s App Store offers users some really efficient apps to remember their passwords, let us discuss a couple of them :


Keepass builds an entire database for the user to store his passwords. Keepass is a safe application to store password. The application is a open source password manager.The database that the application creates for the user is encrypted.



1Password is great application to store and manage passwords. It includes a watchtower service which keeps a keep on eye on attacks and even reminds one when it has been long enough for him to change his password. 1Password is also very good for organisations be it big or small. It lets the user form databases for for than one person. The members just need to download the application. The 1Password application offers a couple more features to the users which are iMessage that lets the users share a single password. And the applications includes a robust password generator.

File Management Applications:

Having seen the security side of the app store let us venture into the aspect of how keeping one’s files organised can help the user in saving his time. Though the Apple App Store has many such applications let us talk about a few that caught our eye.


The very thought of having a hard disk crash can make one lose a night’s sleep, let alone the actual thing. One ends up losing huge amounts of data and recovering it is endless trouble. Backing up the data seems to be a good idea but certainly an old one. It takes up gigabytes of space and buying hard disks are often expensive.
The application Crashplan resolves the issue completely, it allows the user to safely secure his data in the cloud storage provided by the application. This doesn’t only save the user from the cost of hard disks, but also takes the stress away of losing data.


File organising is actually a very hectic job and usually takes up a of of time. Hazel is an application that lets the user be free of any thinking of keeping separate folders for various files. The application moves data as per date, name, download sites. The applications keeping everything in the mac organised as per its type.
One can imagine the time he can save if picture downloads moves in respective folders according to the users preference. The applications collects data through auto generated questions and patters in the user’s behaviour.


The application lets the user use his storage from anywhere with an internet connection. It offers cloud storage. The user’s data is very secured, and for people logging in from client sites, the application is very helpful.
Dropbox is already very famous among users. Apart from the storage the application allows the user to to share dare spanning photos, pdfs, audios etc.

The Unarchiver:

Everyone now has to often work with compressed files such as zip and rar files, this application keeps all such files organised and encrypted with the foreign language format. Sometimes normal decryption might fail to open files and for such situations this application is apt.

Shortcut Management Applications:

Now with two main concerns such as security and File Organisation out of the way let us look at shortcut applications which assist the users in being more productive:


Many users are more used to using keyboard shortcuts and dislike the use of mouse. The application lets the use many such keyboard shortcuts. They are often enough for almost everything required. This application offers the users shortcuts to a various commands such as using the clipboard, the toolbox, the image or text one copied previously, hotkeys etc. The application is free and can be upgraded with around $20.


This application is again a very popular application among users .With prior information from the user organised all web activities such as dropping photos from any social networking site to the user’s device. The application even links up with other applications make life super easy for the user.
Note Taking Applications: Nowadays more and more people use their tablets and computers to take notes, here are a few application to help the user while one is taking a dictation or even arranging their documents and other files together:


This application allows the user to take notes everywhere and organises the data very specifically, so the user doesn’t need to work on that part. The most crucial feature in Evernote is it offers inter device data exchange. If a user stores a data in his mobile, he can access it from his tablet and pc instantly.


Pocket is a similar app to Evernote. With this application one can save articles and links of websites under categories created by himself. This application will always let you remember the article you wanted to read but missed out on.
With the Apple App Store providing the benefits that it is now, one can be very effective in his workplace. The applications lets the individual put his mind to serious work and takes care of the rest just like an assistant should.