Changes Meter

changes meter


Do you need to check a web page or a local file frequently, looking for changes in them?
You know it’s boring, error prone and a real waste of precious time.

Several web sites offer RSS feeds, but they do not necessarily cover the type of information you are looking for and there aren’t many tools to check local files.

Changes Meter performs this exact job and it will notify you whenever something happens, you can even decide how extensive the change must be before it triggers a notification.


Changes Meter lives in your menubar showing a little icon which also acts as a notification method.
Every option is available from the popup menu you can trigger by simply clicking on the icon.


Not all changes have the same value, so you can easily decide the amount of changes required to trigger a notification, limiting the number of less useful notifications.

The Roster Window

The roster window gives you a complete view of all URLs, even disabled ones, and of all information available for each of them, such as the last change or the last visit date.
Moreover it’s the place where you can configure which URLs you want to check and the check interval.


Easily import and export your roster in multiple formats such as OPML, HTML and CSV so as to quickly archive or move your roster to another machine or user.

Quick Check

The popup menu associated with the menubar icon gives you a quick glance over which URLs have changed or generated an error and with a simple click it will open the selected URL in your browser.


When an URL triggers a change you can be notified either with a colorful, useful and unobtrusive pie chart icon on the menu bar, with sounds or Growl notifications (or using the Notification Center if you are on OS X 10.8 or later).