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Best Apps for Monitoring CPU Usage on a Mac

Macs are known for their impressive, out of the box performance. However, at times, after continuous use, even they turn a bit sluggish and lose their original speed. On most occasions, the factors responsible for this drop in performance are extremely difficult to identify. However, once identified (i.e. if you manage to find out what has actually gone wrong), most of them can be managed seamlessly. This is where having the CPU monitoring apps ready becomes an absolute necessity. You will come across a range of apps designed for monitoring CPU usage on a Mac; however, identifying the most effective ones among them can be a tough task for you. This article will solve this problem of yours by enlisting the best CPU monitoring apps for MAC. Read on to find out the names and get acquainted with their prominent features.


Individuals who own Retina Mac have both discrete and integrated graphics support. The worst part of this is, Mac would not allow those users to pick one of the two on their own. These people always need to depend on the decision of OS X when it comes to picking the appropriate graphics support. Individuals, who are not happy with this idea and feel that the unit’s stock battery is not sufficiently robust, should immediately download gfxCardStatus. This monitoring app allows Mac users to be the decision maker. With this app on your system, you will gain access to more detailed data. What’s more, you will get the right of deciding whether your system should use integrated or discrete graphics for saving power and boosting performance.

iStat Menus

productivity apps mac
When it comes to memory and power management, almost always you will find your Mac scoring impressively on .its own. However, still having an app capable of preventing memory leaks and other issues that may damage system resources is recommended. iStat Menus (an app by Bjango) is one such application. It will not only assist you in spotting memory and performance management issues, but will also ensure that you can identify the culprit instantly. In other words, iStat Menus will allow you to know what’s exactly is responsible for using up your Mac’s resources and power. The latest version of the app is offering improved support for the MacBook Pros launched during the late 2016. For using this app, your Mac must be equipped with Intel 64bit processor and OSX version 10.8 or a version launched after that.

Disk Doctor

When someone owns a Mac, storing loads of data becomes a habit. That’s because Macs are known for their powerful storage. However, at times too much of data storing can cause shortage of space. One application that can solve your problem in such situations is Disk Doctor. It is an app that would assist you in recapturing some space. It would begin by scanning your Mac’s hard drive for spotting all the large files (files bigger than 100 MB) that are no more useful to you. Examples of such files include mail attachments, developer files, downloads folder, mail downloads folder, browser data, partial downloads, application logs, trash can, old iOS updates, and application caches hidden deep inside the system. Scanning the system with Disk Doctor will assist you in making your Mac as fast as it was when you first bought it.

Temperature gauge

As a Mac user, you must do every bit to stay up to date with the events taking place inside your machine. This can be done most effectively by monitoring the temperature of different components constituting the CPU. Temperature Gauge is an application that would do the job for you with absolute perfection. Other than viewing temperature readouts taken at regular intervals, you can also set Temperature Gauge for warning you the moment it identifies any problem. If you do not receive any warning, it means that your Mac is hale and hearty.

One of the most prominent features of Temperature Gauge is its clear display. The interface of the app features a special column on the left. This column allows users to change views of every component together or individually (by picking CPU, Memory, Logic Board, Battery, etc. separately). On the interfaces right, there’s a colored bar, which features the temperatures of different components; the colors would indicate whether the temperatures are within acceptable range or getting close to the dangerous zone. You will also be treated with some customization options.
There’s a Preference panel, which would allow you to select certain aspects of the behavior and display of the application. For example, you may decide to have the temperatures displayed either in Celsius or in Fahrenheit. You would also get the opportunity of taking a decision on things like frequency of temperature readings. The other interesting option you will get to choose is checking the temperature of your Mac’s hard drive; most users avoid using this feature as it might slow down their computer. In short, Temperature Gauge would assist you in preventing overheating of your Mac even before it begins.

Memory Clean

Are you wondering about the right way of optimizing the memory of your Mac seamlessly? If yes, download the app called Memory Clean immediately. You will find this application offering maximum benefits after using a memory/RAM intensive game or app. Memory Clean has gained significant popularity due to its absolute slick user experience and interface. No other rival app would be able to offer you this deadly combination for Mac.

The application would begin by purging the inactive memory of your Mac. This function of the app would turn out to be most effective after you finish using a highly intensive app, which you will not be using again within the next few hours. It has been found that older Macs tend to become a bit slow when Memory Clean is running; however, you will not face any similar issue when using the app on a more recent version of Mac. It would be wise to have Memory Clean downloaded on your system if you want to enjoy better control on the memory resources of your Mac.